10 Easy Tips for Darker Mehendi Colour

For any Indian bride approaching her big W-day(W for wedding), one of a thousand thoughts on her mind is surely how to make her mehendi or henna colour darker than usual, and how fast that can be achieved. Her friends on her behalf or she herself would definitely do quick online research and search for […]

Henna Hacks: How To Make Your Mehendi Darker And Last Longer

Are you a bride-to-be approaching your big wedding day and have Mehendi designs on your mind? If yes, you may also be secretly wondering how to achieve super dark Mehendi designs for your hands and hide your groom’s name–yes, your future husband’s name–in them, a common fun ritual in Indian weddings! In this day and […]

The Best Henna Powder For Hair In India

The traditional method of putting henna on the body as body art has been embraced in Indian culture. The stain it left on the hands, arms, and feet of magnificent patterns makes it the ideal accent for any celebration. From covering your greys to its healing and cooling capabilities, henna is well-loved by people. There […]