Prem Dulhan Mehendi Cone

Prem Dulhan Mehendi Cone


Prem Dulhan Mehndi Cone

Impressive Mehndi Designs with Prem Dulhan Mehndi Cone

Get the secret to having beautiful colored hair through Prem Green’s Prem Dulhan Mehandi and it’s the best hair mehndi. Our mehndi is made from 100% natural henna leaves of the best quality and not only provides a bright color but also nourishes your hair, from root to tip. The perfect product for those who want a non-chemical equivalent of hair dyes, Prem Dulhan Mehandi ensures you have a good mehndi for hair that is healthy, glossy, and richly colored.

Looking for the best Mehandi cone for bride, the commitment of Prem Dulhan Mehendi cone to purity and quality sets it apart in the market. From the finest henna farms, every pack of Prem Green mehndi is our respect to our commitment of serving only the best hair mehndi. Buy mehndi cones online India for ease of use and long-lasting color, it is a popular choice among users all over the country.

Be among thousands of happy customers who have changed the look of their hair with Prem Green’s Prem Dulhan Mehandi. Whether you want to cover greys, restore your natural hair color, or just enjoy the conditioning effects of henna, Prem Dulhan Mehandi is your solution. Prem Green allows you to enter the world of natural beauty and the best mehndi for hair that will keep your locks radiant, nourished, and stunningly beautiful.

Prem Green Mehendi Cone – India’s Top Henna Mehendi Cone

Staining your skin in a rich brown shade is not just a colour to many Indians. This tint has a deep emotional connection and brightens up any occasion. A bond that lasts forever. Applying henna in any form is a part of Indian culture and tradition, for every ritual or occasion, staining your hands gives you a dark reddish brown tint giving you a youthful look while your tainted palms portray a festive feeling. Delivering India’s best henna products, we connect sentiments.

Safe & Natural – Mehendi Cone

Prem Green Mehendi Cones are ready to use mehandi cone. There is nothing better than applying fragrant and rich mehendi that is natural and safe. Made from nature’s finest henna leaves and other natural ingredients, our natural henna cones are among India’s best.

Prem Green Mehedi Cone gives you a rich and dark stain, thanks to our fresh and premium quality henna leaves grown in Sojat, Rajasthan. Our amazing, easy-to-use mehendi cone with smoothness and consistency gives you the desired results. Most people aren’t fond of henna as it has a distinctive smell, however, our pure natural mehndi cone has a pleasant smell which allows you to enjoy the soothing experience.

Product Features


Rich Dark Stain

Made In India


Long Lasting Stain

Why Use Mehendi?

The usage of mehendi in India has deep roots. The main reason for using Mehandi is to provide the skin with natural medicinal herbal treatments that help to relax the body and relieve stress before any special day. Mehendi can be applied on your hands, feet, and other body parts to relax the nerves and protect them from stress.

It can be quite hard to find natural henna mehendi that will enhance not only your look but your mood as well. The paste of henna, which is also known as mehendi is associated with good fortune and joyful spirits. An Indian wedding tradition calls for a Mehendi ritual to be performed the night before the wedding to wish the bride good health and prosperity on her journey to marriage.

Quality of Our Henna Mehendi Cone

As one of the best henna cones to be found in India, Prem Green mehandi cone is without a doubt the supreme mehendi. Our henna paste is made with world-class premium quality henna leaves, harvested from fresh farms in Sojat, Rajasthan. Our henna filtering process is carried out with great care and quality control to produce the finest and smoothest paste, resulting in a more faultless application. The Mehandi Cone production process includes a stringent quality check to ensure that the paste is safe for your skin. The greatest mehendi cone is made with all-natural components and it can be used to create temporary tattoos or body art.

Why Prem Green Mehandi Cone?

Our Menandi Cone is produced with fresh and high-quality henna leaves that have been infused with the goodness of nature. Our one-of-a-kind bespoke blend of henna paste is made so naturally that its herbal constituents improve its quality, color, and attractiveness. As the Largest Mehendi Manufacturer in India, our easy-to-use mehndi cones with their distinctive packaging and the quality that everyone looks for when buying a good mehendi cone are what sets us apart from the competition.

How To Use?

Step 1

Wash your hands before application, pat dry, and clean the skin surface with a towel.

Step 2

Take out the pin of the Prem Green Mehandi Cone.

Step 3

Squeeze & apply henna/ draw pattern as per your choice of design.

Step 4

Leave for around 45 minutes – to 1 hour let it dry.

Step 5

Rub the dry mehendi off the surface with a towel/ tissue paper.

Step 6

After a few hours wash with plain water.

Step 7

Henna will start showing color in 24 hours. You will see rich dark stains over time.

” Prem Green Mehndi cone is one of the best mehandi cone for bride, not only in India but all around the world. The rich stain and its pleasant scent create a beautiful journey while connecting one to her traditions. “

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